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Manta Rays in Palau

UA's Manta Ray Kids Club!!
Dates for 2011 listed below

The Manta Ray Program for kids 6 to 12 years old. The Manta Ray Kids club has 2 separate levels– for Kids 6-10 it is the Snorkeler level and for kids 10-12 they have the Scuba Diver level.

In the Snorkeler Level kids will learn about water safety, snorkel skills, and surfaces dives.

In the Scuba Diver Level kids learn snorkel skills, rescue techniques, and all the basic information that you as an adult learned in your scuba class, but at their own level.

 This NEW Program allows them to learn about water activities in a safe and comfortable environment with professional instructors. While safety and comfort are paramount in these classes, FUN is never far behind!!! 

After the completion of the Manta Ray Program the kids are eligible to participate in our online UA Manta Ray Scuba Club. They will recieve monthly email newsletters about up coming trips offered only to the kids and their families! They will also be able to take part in local community projects with LSU, and local area YMCA's.

2011 Dates for the Manta Ray divers:

May 28-30; June 24-26; July 22-24; December 28-30

Class Requirements-students must have their own Mask, Snorkel, and Fins. (for those kids participating in the Scuba portion of the course they must also have a Regulator Mouthpiece, Wetsuit, and Weight Belt)

We are also working with local area YMCA's and local area gyms to offer a Snorkeling Program for kids from 6 to 12 years old. This course will be geared to the kids themselves allowing them time to become proficient in their skills. Look for this Snorkel Program at a YMCA near you!