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At Underwater Adventures, we take pride in what we do, and this is reflected in our courteous and knowledgeable staff, headed by Mark Smith. At Underwater Adventures, we know that you are counting on us for a safe and enjoyable experience, whether it is a family dive vacation with us in Florida, a spear fishing adventure in the Gulf, or exciting travel adventure to the Caribbean. That's why we stay on the cutting edge of dive technology, and adventure.

Mark & Don on a night dive in Panama City

What is the length of the SCUBA class?

The course is offered in three ways:

1. A 4-week course meeting, 2 nights per week. The class meets from 6:00 to 9:00 pm Monday and Thursday nights.

2. A weekend course that begins on Tuesday night (at the store) and is completed Sunday afternoon. The class meets Tuesday and Friday, at the store, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
3. NEW Private Classes are designated for those who cannot adjust their schedule for the weekday or weekend classes. This Openwater Class is for you. Offered at your time and convenience-one of the Underwater Adventures LLC Instructors can assist you through the course in record time. Just call for more information 225-927-3483 and ask for Suzanne.

Due to the fast pace of the weekend class, the following is REQUIRED PRIOR to Tuesday night session: 1. O/W textbook must be purchased, read completely AND workbook, must be handed to your instructor by Sunday; 2. Set up an Appointment so that you can have all your personal gear fitted, fill out any necessary paperwork, and watch the NAUI Risk Awareness Video; 3. You must bring two passport, or photo booth, style photos for documentation one for your Training logbook and one for your Student folder.

Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

No, but you do have to be comfortable in the water. With today's diving equipment, the sport is easy to learn and participation is simple. Minimum swimming requirements expected: 250 yd swim, 10 minute-tread, 50 foot underwater swim.

Where will the Scuba courses be held?

UA Store front from Government Street

The Scuba Diver weekday courses first night will be held at UA LLC. After Monday night - classes will be held at the Pennington Y.M.C.A. (Old Hammond Highway, near O'Neal Lane), the A. C. Lewis Y.M.C.A. (North Foster Drive), or the LSU Recreational Center & Natatorium (LSU campus). The weekend courses are held at the UA LLC for class sessions and the Pennington Y.M.C.A. (Old Hammond Highway, near O'Neal Lane) or Crawfish Aquatics (Bluebonnet Drive) for the pool sessions.

What personal equipment will I need?

You must have a mask, snorkel, fins, booties, weight belt + weights [10% of body weight], a regulator mouthpiece, 2 student passport size photos, and text packet, which includes textbook, workbook, dive tables, and log book .
It is also suggested that you purchase a watch, gear bag, mask defog, mask slap strap, flashlight, and knife.

UA Store interior

When and where do I get this equipment?

You can buy all of your equipment at UA LLC. We offer discounted Scuba Packages for all the Students that are signed up for our classes. You should have your gear before the first pool session-for weekday courses that would be Thursday and for the weekend classes that would be Saturday. In your first class session, your instructor will explain all of the gear options and will be able to assist you in picking the correct gear for your needs. Or you can ask one of the UA LLC employees and they will be more than happy to assist you in selecting your Basic Gear for your Openwater Course.

Junior Scuba Certification Requirements

NAUI has dropped the age of the Jr Diver to 10 years old. UA LLC is lowering the age of the Jr Diver as well with some stipulations. Mark will be the final deciding factor if your child is ready to take the Scuba Diver Course. If you have any questions regarding this new policy please call us at 225-927-3483
Children between the ages of 10-14 can receive conditional certification according to the following standards: permission of parent/guardian, pre-course interview with instructor, completed medical questionnaire, proficient swimming ability (i.e.,200 yd swim, 10 min tread) as well as standard course requirements as outlined by NAUI / PADI.