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Scuba Weekday Courses
Monday 6pm to 9pm
Wednesday 6pm to 9pm
for 4 weeks

June 1
August 1
October 3
Note: Additional weekday classes available on as needed basis
*If you don't see dates that will work for you call us at 225-927-3483 and ask about our Private Classes. The Private Course is specially modified around your schedule after all life is not all about Work it is also about FUN!!!! Sign up today to start the Adventure you have been looking for...

Continuing Education Courses
* Required Pre-requisite: SCUBA DIVER

Nitrox: April 11; May 16
Advanced: April 19-20; July 12-13
Rescue: May 3; July 6; September 1; November 7
Master: April 2; June 2; August 4; December 1
CPR/First Aid or Dan O2:  April 16; May 21
Spearfishing: March 29; April 12; May 17; June 8; July 11
Public Safety Diver: TBA
Divemaster: TBA
Instructor: TBA
If you have a group of 4 or more divers and your group wants to take a continuing education course sooner than an available date-just give us a call at 225-927-3483 and we can set it up for you!


Do you have a Diving Vacation Planned?
Have you taken your Beginning Scuba Classes?
You have decided to finish your training dives while on your vacation-but how? Underwater Adventures LLC offers a universal referral program.
This unique program covers 5 different Scuba training agencies:
We can help you contact a diving center in the destination of your choice and assist you in your final step in your Scuba Training.
Just call 225-927-3483 

Includes packet & certification-card ($75).

Scuba Weekend Courses
Tuesday 6pm to 9pm
Friday 6pm to 9pm
Saturday 8am to 5pm
Sunday 8am to 5pm

April 5/8-10
May 10/13-15
June 7/10-12
June 21/22-24
July 5/8-10
July 19/22-24
August 9/12-14
September 6/9-11
October 11/14-16
November 8/11-13
December 6/9-11

November Panama City Check Out

...to qualify divers through safe
education and verify qualification with certification.

Panama City Dive Center in Florida

 panama city, florida
required training dive trips

2011 Dates
April 29-May 1
May 20-22
June 17-19
July 15-17
July 29-31
August 26-28
September 23-25
October 21-23
November 18-20

All training dives are a total of three days. Being that transportation is not included you can choose to leave Thursday evening or Friday morning, arriving at Vortex Springs no later than 10:30AM, and leaving Panama City back to Baton Rouge Sunday afternoon. Dates & Dive times are subject to change at the discretion of the Instructional staff.